25 Interesting Bicycle Trails in the Saratoga Springs, NY Region

It’s your choice whether you choose to do bike trails that are on-road vs. off-road – – paved or unpaved – – easy or moderate, all in the historic Saratoga Springs area of New York. We explored these trails through a Revolutionary War battlefield, Old Champlain Canal towpaths, as well as on modern day designated bike trails from place to place in the region.

And we had a great time exploring all of these interesting trails. And now we share these trails with you, providing explicit directions from I-87, and telling you what we found and what you can expect for distance, trail conditions and facilities along the way.

This book is consistent with our philosophy of “Outdoor books for ordinary people.” If you EVEN KNOW what a century bike ride is, this book is probably not for you. But it might be an incentive for your slightly overweight brother-in-law.

Price: $19.95

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