Hiking Trails in the Ocala National Forest in Florida

In this book, we have identified a dozen independent hiking trails for you to explore in the Ocala National Forest in Central Florida. In addition, we have given you explicit directions and information on how to explore more than 86 miles of the Florida National Scenic Trail (FNST), all within the boundaries of the Ocala National Forest. And, we have even broken these miles into relatively short outings for your convenience.

This book was written so that “ordinary people” can enjoy the great trails and scenery of this wonderful 383,000 acre national forest. The trails are generally organized as if you are travelling south-to-north through the Ocala National Forest. That includes the twelve Ocala hiking trails, as well as travelling the FNST on both the eastern and western corridors.

This book is organized into three distinct segments:

I. The Ocala Hiking Trails – OHT’s

II. The Florida National Scenic Trail: Eastern Corridor – EFT’s

III. The Florida National Scenic Trail: Western Corridor – WFT’s

We sincerely hope that you enjoy each of these segments as much as we did when exploring them for this book.

Roger Fulton and Susan Young


Price: $19.95

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