25 Short Hikes and Interesting Walks in North-East Florida

This new book covers 25 great hiking trails in Northeastern Florida. All of these interesting trails are north of Route 40 and from Palatka, east to the ocean. They cover Ormond Beach to north of Jacksonville. It covers paved walking trails, off-road trails and even provides beach access points for beach walks all along the northeast coast.

Most of the short hikes we describe are consistent with our motto of ÒOutdoor books for ordinary people.Ó No overnight hikes here and most are less than five miles in length. They are rated easy or moderate. We provide you with appropriate GPS readings, and explicit directions from an interstate highway. This is a great way to get out and explore and enjoy some really great trails in Northeastern Florida. Some may even be in your own back yard, but unless you know they are there, you canÕt enjoy them. So whether you are a resident or a visitor to Northeastern Florida, this full-color book with more than 60 photos will help you get out and get around.

Price: $19.95

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